Granted, we live in a concrete jungle in Beirut, don't we? We do, but we do not have to. Not anymore. Bac a fruit promises to transform your apartment's flower beds into a real hanging garden. Your mini garden will not only add lively plants, flowers and colours to your apartment and daily life, but will also host healthy fruits and vegetables transforming your flower beds and balconies into a peaceful and useful natural retreat. What’s more, the bac a fruit concept is built on the promise of bringing you gardening goodness right to your apartment doorstep. Our company vision is therefore built on 4 pillars that we call the 4 G’s. Green. Garden. Goodness. Growth.


Green is at the heart of who we are. Green is how we see the city, the country and the globe. As the world’s concern about preserving mother earth becomes universal, many countries have taken significant measure to curb emissions and promote sustainable resources. It is incumbent upon us to do our part in promoting a green environment -especially in our crowded cities - for us and our kids to continue enjoying for generations to come.


Garden is our promise. Who says that you cannot have a city life while enjoying a bit of a natural retreat in the confinement of your apartment? We are lucky to have had culturally popularized balconies and flower beds which have traditionally been - and continue to be - embedded in our modern buildings’ architecture. Transforming these spaces into living breathing gardens is what we aim for.


Goodness is all around. While many city dwellers already realize the value of growing green plants on their balconies and in their flowerbeds, few took notice of the growing global trend of introducing fruit trees and veggies in addition to their green plants. Pleasing the eye is at the heart of urban landscaping, nourishing the body is what we bring more.


Growth of a healthy urban garden is what you want. Striving fruits and vegetable plants is what we promise. Using our state-of-the-art new technology in agriculture and potting systems Bac a fruit can deliver to your doorstep a turnkey solution that consists of healthy trees and plants, interlocking self-draining potting system, automated irrigation system, in addition to years of know how to make your urban garden strive. Growing your own healthy fruits and veggies that you can confidently serve to your family and friends is simply priceless.

Let bac a fruit be your partner in your quest to transform your balcony space into a green, healthy, nutritious oasis. What is more, by doing so we might just be able to gradually transform the face of the city at the same time…

Louloua Barakat Diab - Founder - bac a fruit

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